About us old

Ever wondered why our moms preferred going to that one tailor no matter where he shifted or however much he delayed the deliveries?

I guess we all know the answer to this!

Because he knew how to give the right fit!!

And that is exactly what we have worked on.We at Silayi pay special attention to give you the perfect fit and finish.


Silayi carries the nostalgia of the time when our clothes smelled of fresh stitches & starch. Our designs are a perfect combination of comfort & style.   Each of our creation has been chosen for you who is unique, free spirited and true to life.  Bringing to you simplicity in all its chromatic glory because you are a woman, the woman of your times.

Promoting Indian handlooms

We at Silayi use old school techniques of Indian handlooms and hand blocked prints. We source directly from the weavers and printers all across the country. These fabrics are uniquely crafted and have an amazing feel on your skin.